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Effective Communication

Truly it all starts at communication. Nothing works without it and my first priority in any working relationship is that our communication is on key and effective.


Technical Skills

Technical Skills are essentially what you pay me for, so needless to say I take my craft very seriously. Devoting a healthy amount of time to progress my knowledge and stay in tune and ahead of the field.


Integrity goes a long way in this world. Your trust is very valuable to me and I hold myself to high standards to maintain and develop that trust.

Web Development

  • Custom developed applications for your needs. Can produce pretty much any type of applications or plugins required. I do not currently work on mobile applications. The scope and pricing for these projects varies dramatically, please contact me with your specific needs for further inquiry!

Logo Design

$250.00 - $750.00
  • A unique logo designed specially for your brand. All of my logo designs are thoroughly communicated and discussed with clients to filter the best ideas, before being produced.
Anton Shtylman

Anton Shtylman

Web Designer & Developer

Fascinated with Computer Science since 2012. I have invested almost all my time at learning and mastering the craft. With a vision to be able to build better and greater things everyday in the future.


I have developed a true passion for Web Design & Development and spend most of my free time figuring out ways to build better, faster, prettier projects. I hope you can see my passion in my work!

You can always reach me for further inquiry and questions

 Email – InfiniteStyles.Create@gmail.com

Phone – (678) – 429 – 5786

Skype – AntonVS9

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