Life is rather simple. I do good work and take care of my clients to improve my karma for personal gain.

I try to be as straightforward as possible and maintain trust. I don’t believe relationships can function without trust.

I live a clean lifestyle and take care of my health. Allowing myself to be in premiere form and improving the quality of my work.

I value my independence. Fully understanding that my clients allow me to have that independence, and never understating or under-thinking that importance.

I strive to improve my craft, spending time every day to study various aspects and improve my skills. The one constant in this universe is that things change, I’m always trying to improve and stay one step ahead.

I’m not a robot, the human factor is incredibly important in all aspects of life, and I try to intelligently accommodate your needs and make our interaction the best relationship it can possibly be.

I don’t let my personal tastes get in the way of projects. My job is to build what you need, rather than what I like. Your opinion is the final word. At the same time I have seen many websites and can freely offer suggestions.

I don’t fanatically pursue trendy gimmicks. While at the same time acknowledging the trends and implementing them as appropriate, without over-using them to a point of worthlessness.

I try to be a complete web designer and developer. There are a lot of aspects to web design and development and I don’t ignore aspects. Trying to balance my weaknesses.

I try to maintain a presence and improve the web design and development community. Contributing code and words to discussions.

Time is my most valuable asset. I respect my clients time (completing work on time, not pestering you with unnecessary communication, organization). I expect my time to be respected in the same way.

I’m open to new challenges. I think the only way to improve is to challenge oneself, and I’m always looking to improve. Don’t hesitate to contact me with strange and challenging ideas.

I value customer feedback. Obviously I don’t want to be kept in the dark if I am bothering you or can improve a service in some way unknown to me. Please give me feedback. Especially on the things you find lacking.


Anton Shtylman

Anton Shtylman

Web Designer & Developer

Fascinated with Computer Science since 2012. I have invested almost all my time at learning and mastering the craft. With a vision to be able to build better and greater things everyday in the future.

I have developed a true passion for Web Design & Development and spend most of my free time figuring out ways to build better, faster, prettier projects. I hope you can see my passion in my work!

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