Project Process


This stage is about communicating effectively and understanding your overall needs and situation.



This stage is about coming up with the optimal ways that I can function to server your particular needs or situation.


The perform stage is about me being the expert that I am and doing the actual technical work to turn our plans into a reality.


This stage involves uploading your sparkling new website to a web host, configuring it properly, and instructing you about the features that will be important to understand.


As an optional, but recommended stage. You can sign up for a maintenance package and I will take care to  keep your website up to date with the most current software updates, SEO, and other feature upgrades.


  • HTML 90%
  • CSS 90%
  • JavaScript / jQuery 85%
  • Wordpress 85%
  • PHP 75%
  • Photoshop 66.66%
  • Illustrator 70%
  • HTML Email Campaigns 55%
  • SEO & SEM 66.66%


Team Treehouse

Most of my studies have come at I have almost 20,000 points now and have finished nearly all the courses that are availiable.

Here are some of my latest courses.

Code Academy

Code Academy is another source of my knowledge. It has been an excellent school with plenty of practical drills.

W3C Schools

Originally I started at W3C Schools. It provided me with a good fundamental knowledge of basic Web Design & Development.

Another supplemental source of my knowledge. Lynda is a massive school with courses on all sorts of related subjects. With a massive library of courses, I didn’t have time to learn everything but handpicked the most valuable courses to me.